Easy Authentication for your web application

  • Simple plugin gives you first class user accounts
  • You can be up and running in minutes!

Don't take chances on security

  • Othenticate keeps all your user data secure
  • Othenticate uses the strongest encryption algorithm available (bcrypt)

Developers - You have better things to do

  • Coding all the edge cases around user management is a pain
  • We take care of lost password reminders
  • We take care of rate limited failed authentication attempts

Get going with Social Networks on day one

  • Facebook, Google, Twitter integration
  • Othenticate works with all the major social networks, OpenID, and OAuth

This stuff takes longer to code than you think

  • Failed password attempt rate limiting
  • Alert and confirmation emails for password change or email change
  • Forgotten password workflow
  • and on and on...

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