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Integrated Authentication Platform enabling efficient and reliable people profile verification. We are the trusted, authentic, honest team to help in people risk management by every kind of verification for any instance like hiring, selling, buying, renting.

Othenticate is Background Verification Portfolio of Sellebrate, a People Enablement and Risk Management Company.

As part of Sellebrate, we enable HR to enhance people potential and also mitigate any kind of risk that arises from People Hiring. Our unique gifting solution helps in bringing motivation with Employees with always fresh and something new to reward with a structured reward platform helping in easy and scalable organization.


Identify the areas required for verification of the candidate in order to identify any shortcomings in the profile


Detect the gaps in the profile and list down as part of report


Record such gaps for each individual profile, hence creating a robust database for quicker turnaround of verification process

“I have great hope and faith, but it's a humanistic faith based in facts; you have to believe that facts exist. We can all arrive at the same facts if we engage in the process of experimentation, observation, and verification, which can solve more of the world's major problems than a debate over whether God does or doesn't exist.”

Greg Graffin

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Business Verification

Verify business information such as trade names, locations and guarantors.

Address Verification

Verify the personal address provided by a customer and minimize fraudulent transactions.

Identity Verification

Validate information provided by user/customer is associated with the identity of a real person.

Education Verification

Verify student enrollment, degrees, marks and certifications.

Reference Verification

Review an applicant's references to help expedite the process HR professionals.

Police Verification

In depth background check of a person including their Criminal Records.

Biometric Verification

Verify identity by evaluating unique biological traits such as fingerprints, earlobe geometry, retina patterns.

Employment Verification

Verify applicant's employment history - job titles, role and responsibilities, reasons for leaving.

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